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What Is My Love Language?

Love language is a term that's used to describe the way that people like to express and receive love.

What are the five main love languages to 

According to Chapman, these are the five main love languages:

Words of affirmation-focuses on verbal expressions of love. Meaning, you feel most loved (and express your love for others) through telling others how you feel about them. The phrase "I love you" may carry a deeper meaning for you than for people who have other love languages.

Quality time-People with this love language value time spent together. They prefer to spend a lot of time with their partner, whether it's just hanging out or doing a special date together. When they can do this, they feel the most loved.

Physical touch-People who have physical touch as their love language crave physical affection and dole it out easily. Holding hands, kissing, sex, and anything where you can touch is how you show affection and prefer to receive it.

Acts of service-This love language focuses on doing things to try to make someone else happy, even if it means you have to sacrifice something. That could include keeping your partner's favorite ice cream in the freezer, taking time off work to care for them when they're sick, or taking out the trash.

Receiving gifts-People who have this love language feel the most loved when they're given thoughtful or meaningful gifts. They also typically express their love for others by giving them personalized gifts.