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Rediscover Your Strength to Overcome Challenges With the Help of Your Faith

Thank you for your interest in my Christian Faithbased Wedding & Counseling Services


Weddings, Marriage, Couples & Christian Counseling and More

With Covington-McGee Wedding & Christian Counseling Chapel , you are always welcome to sign up for a counseling session or support groups that you feel will help you get over your difficulties in life. You can even choose between in-office counseling or teletherapy (virtual) sessions. My faith-based counseling services are available to clients in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. Get in touch for more information.

We Officiate Weddings 

Can your marriage be saved?

Dating Someone of Different Religion

The Golden Rule in Christian Dating

What does Christian Faith say about sex and sexuality?

The 7 Commandments of 

Christian Marriage