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End of Life Doula 

Death and  grief is one of the most  uncomfortable, and confusing times in our lives that leaves us a feeling of emptiness. In some societies grief is not allowed. This can be hard on  many. 

Everyone is going to experience tragedy and grief at some point in their life. 

Hi, my name is Dr. Mel McGee  and I want to welcome you to Covington-McGee Christian Counseling. I specialize in grief counseling. Over the years I worked in hospice. I have developed grief techniques, combined with wisdom gained through working with bereaved clients. 

Every grieving experience is different. A person may be able to continue their day-to-day routine after one loss, yet not be able to get out of bed after the loss of someone else. 

Grief is a long-term process that influences emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral health, as well as fundamental systems of belief.

We long for normalcy. 

Let Covington-McGee Christian Counseling guide you through this journey in your life. 

The National End of Life Doula Alliance defines End-of-Life Doulas (EOLD) as those who “provide non-medical, holistic care and support to the dying person and their family which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual, and practical care from early diagnosis through bereavement.”

Some of the services offered include: hands-on comfort measures, coordination of care with other medical professionals, resources and referrals, facilitation of advanced care planning,advocacy,  legacy/life review projects, funeral assistance/planning, and workshops/presentations.

We are members of The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance