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Should I stay or go? One of the most heart wrenching decisions a person may face is the decision to either stay in or to leave a marriage.

Is It OK For Christians to Live Together Before Marriage?

Is it wrong for Christian couples to live together before marriage according to God?

3 Beautiful Truths Every Divorced Christian Needs to Know

And here’s what I want you to know:

When Christians Cheat ?

How to handle infidelity the Biblical way ? When Christians cheat, it can come as a massive, unexpected blow that is difficult to process without help. If you or your spouse has gone through an affair, and the two of you wish to reconcile, it’s time to visit a marriage counselor.

10 Signs of Walkaway Wife Syndrome

What is walkway wife syndrome?

Walkaway Wife Syndrome is a term used when wives leave their husbands. It occurs when an unhappy wife suddenly divorces her spouse without warning, which opens up a lot of questions.