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Covington-McGee Christian Counseling 

Getting Married 

We are Ordained and Board Certified Pastors. We are licensed to Officiate weddings in the State of Texas. 

***See scheduler for prices*

Christian Pre-Marital Counseling/ Class 

“We spend most of our lives waiting on that special one. “ This pre-Marital Counseling / class prepares you for that big day. This Counseling/class  includes the Official State of Texas Certificate and a Christian book included. Price below based on a couple. 

Blended Family/ Family Dynamics 

Discover the Challenges for blended families and how you can overcome them.  Price quoted  Below is for entire family.  

Christian Faith and Love Counseling 


Your friends all are married; having children etc. You feel so alone. We all thrive that face-to-face connection with one another. 

Surpassing Loneliness

Grief Loss During Covid-19

This Group Support meets Every Monday at 11 am to. 2 pm “Feeling bad during this pandemic” .

Grief Loss During Covid

Give A Hour For Military Counseling 

Give A Hour For Military Counseling

Christian E Books